The Way Through is an artist of EDM / Dark Trap / Dubstep, based in Geneva, Switzerland. Formed in 2020, The Way Through is the result of a friendship of more than twenty years between two producers, NES and DROP. The two sidekicks have been making music since their childhood and had vowed to form a band together one day. The two members of The Way Through are paving their own way through a wide range of electronic influences, crafting a unique sound that shifts from melodic Future Bass and massive Dark Trap to deep EDM and Dubstep beats.


Among knives (EP)



The Way Through Cover Into The Depths

The Way Through

Into The Depth EP

1. Dark Shadows

2. Exhalator

3. South Well

4. Outrun

5. Smoked Growl

The Way Through Cover Among Knives

The Way Through

Among Knives EP

1. Twilight Walk

2. Midnight Dream

3. Alligator

4. Contact

5. The Canyon


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